A Word From the MD

I started my first company back in 2000; my aim was, and still is, to stake a claim in this online world. I was drawn to the Internet and the technology behind it because of its endless potential.

My first passion is design - I am a very visual person. I love the potential for precision in the way things are visually presented, and represented. I am drawn to imagery that conveys thoughts, numbers, quantities, relationships and proof. I love playing with concepts, ideas, and strategies. This becomes really exciting when you start bringing the designs, ideas and concepts to life through technology. I want Afridesign to stay ahead of the pack in its respective disciplines; in order to achieve this we employ people who are excited and passionate about technology. We aim for quality and not quantity.

My aim is to create a company that is real - one that you can talk to if there is a problem. We are real people, who enjoy good service from others, so our goal is to provide the service that we ourselves expect. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with many clients across the globe; some small, some big, but no matter the size we have placed a huge emphasis on customer service & client satisfaction.

I trust that your Afridesign experience will be a great one.

Wayne Howcroft