Cloud Application

Grosms is a Cloud Application that allows you to easily setup & manage promotional SMS Competitions. Sign Up is FREE!

Promotional SMS Competitions Manager

Setup, Monitor & Track entries, real time through an online interface.

Entry Keywords

Create trigger words for your SMS Competitions that people will SMS to enter your competition.

Unlimited SMS Competitions

Create an unlimited number of SMS Competitions on the R1 Shared Shortcode. There is however a Once Off Fee of R165 incVAT for every new SMS Competition you create.

Schedule SMS Competitions

SMS Competitions can be scheduled to run at future dates, meaning that you can setup campaigns beforehand & the system will automatically start them on the scheduled date.

SMS Competitions Statistics

Access your competition statistics & history at any stage. You will need to pay your monthly subscription fees in order to have access to this information.

SMS Entries in CSV

You will be able to download the entries from each campaign as a CSV file, allowing you to view & utilise the information offline, using Excel.

How Grosms works

With Grosms, you are able to choose your SMS Keyword and your Competition dates. Once your choices have been made, you will be assigned a shortcode number to use during that time period.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should be looking at Grosms ?

Companies wanting to use a SMS Competitions platform to promote an event, product or service they offer. This is a great cost effective platform for Ad Agencies that need to run SMS Competitions on behalf of their clients. It is also really quick & easy to setup.


SMS Competition Pricing

Shared Shortcode:

- GroSMS Monthly Subscription = R499
- For each new SMS Competition Once Off Fee = R165

Dedicated Shortcode:

- Monthly GroSMS Subscription (R499) + 1 Shortcode Rental (R699) = R1,198 p/Month
- For each new SMS Competition Once Off Fee = R0.00
- Once Off Registration Fee Per Shortcode = R1,799
- Additional Shortcode per Month = R699

Prices Include VAT

(Please note you will have to subsidise your reply SMS should you need one.)


How many SMS competitions can I create at one time?

As many as your heart desires :)


A question we get asked a lot is, "Is Grosms a TURNKEY solution ?"

No, we merely provide the software that allows you to create, and manage, SMS competitions.


Does Afridesign help me to advertise my SMS Competition ?

No, we merely provide the software that allows you to create, and manage, SMS competitions.


If I opt for a reply SMS in my SMS Competition will I get charged ?

Yes. You will need to purchase one of the SMS bundles made available to you from within the Bulk SMS Console.


Can I have my own unique short code number ?

Yes you can, however there are additional monthly fees and you will need to request it.


What is the maximum value of the Shared Shortcode on GroSMS you can have ?



What Price bands do you have available ?

Shared Shortcode: R 1.00
Other price bands are available on the dedicated option.

Please note: Promotional sms competitions may only make use of the R1, or R1.50 price bands due to changes brought about by the Consumer Protection Act.


Do we get paid out for our competition ?

On the shared R1.00 short code there are no SMS revenue pay outs. However on the dedicated short code there is a SMS revenue pay out, please contact us for more details as to the profit sharing split.


Do I need to install any software ?

No, it is a web based system, which means all the software is on our system. You do however need an Internet connection. You will be provided with login details for your account and then all you need to do is login!


What benefit does an online console have to that of installed software ?

You can use it on any machine you want and there is no need to install any software. You could, for example, be in an internet cafe in France and be creating and monitoring your competitions. It is quick, efficient, and convenient.


Should I wish to cancel my subscription for the SMS Competitions Service, how would I do that ?

Our system is run on a month to month basis ie. we bill monthly until we receive a cancellation notice from you, the client. We work on a written calendar month's notice period. This means that should you no longer wish to use our system, you need to send us a cancellation email, a month before you want the subscription to stop. Please note that even if you don't have a SMS Competition running on the system, we will keep billing you the monthly subscription fee until you cancel with us in writing. We don't automatically assume that because your competition has ended, or you haven't set one up, that you no longer wish to use or system.


Can I try before I commit ?

Yes, you most certainly can. Sign Up is FREE. You only start paying once you create your first SMS Competition.


Sign Up Now!


Sign up is FREE, & your under no obligation to create any SMS Competitions. Have a look around & see if you like what you see.